Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message

Dear Friends,

I don’t think the purpose of our religion is justice.   I think it’s about helping people grow to spiritual fulfillment, the end point of which seems to be helping all things flourish.  From psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg’s perspective, caring is justice in helping all things flourish.  From his colleague Carol Gilligan’s perspective, justice is caring in helping all things flourish.  I believe they have agreed to agree – it’s the same, though it can play out differently depending on culture.  Their remaining question was, How do you get to that end point of flourishing?  The third principle of the UUA covenant defines the way as “encouragement to spiritual growth.”  What is the way of encouragement?  I think that’s the question I’ll ask for this Sunday’s sermon, titled “Appreciation.”  Hope to see you.

Pastor Jack         

P.S.  On the matter of sharing Joys and Concerns in the Sunday Service, you can email them to me for inclusion, or you can type them into the “Comment” bar on the right of the YouTube screen.  A new option!