Pastor Jack’s Weekly Message

Pastor Jack

Dear Friends,

Four messages from four pandemic months:

I.  The new church year has begun.  Let me repeat the thanks expressed here a few weeks ago for all of you who are members of the congregation – for your caring support of one another and your persistence in doing what’s good for our world all this past church year.  And again, particular thanks to those who have taken up the multiple leadership roles in the church, especially in pandemic conditions – too many to name  – but deep thanks to each.

II.   Overheard Virus Diagnosis: “Many folks are thinking they hate their spouse.”  Added Diagnosis: “And those who live alone?”
Prescription:  Mindfulness Meditation** (a): the practice of becoming aware of how your mind works and sabotages you; and (b): the practice of turning your mindset into patience and appreciation.

III.   One reason Zoom is not always a great substitute for gathering:  It can seem to confront you with a roomful of silent staring people – which evolution has caused mammals to read as hostility.  Yikes!

IV.   Our current study, Daring Democracy, concludes by asking that we pledge to take one act for the democracy we want.  First, maybe, five hours/week getting out the vote?

Keep in touch, keep well, keep caring.    

Pastor Jack