New Summer Wednesday Adult Ed Classes

Wednesday Adult Religious Studies Discussions For the Summer

Please note we are holding only one Wednesday Book Discussion Zoom meeting per month in July and August.  For July 29, it’s Nobel laureate Albert Camus’ The Plague, an inspiring reverent novel about humans in pandemic. 

For August 26, it will be a book that will help us on our journey toward eliminating the effects of white supremacy in American culture, our church and ourselves.  Our book will be chosen by August 1st.  I’m leaning strongly toward NYTimes bestseller Me and White Supremacy by Layla Saad.   Many other contenders, especially Centering: Navigating Race in Ministry; essays by Black UU ministers and Robin DiAngelo’s highly praised White Fragility.   Opinions welcomed

Weekly Wednesday Religious Studies for Fall, Winter and Spring

We will be planned over the summer.  Your input is welcome.  The preeminent issues affecting our human spirits at this time seem to be mindfulness and temperament, racism, climate change, and democracy.  We’ve just finished an excellent discussion program on democracy, Daring Democracy – make it your summer reading and get to work).  So I’m leaning toward focusing 2020-21 Wednesday Discussions on the other three, starting perhaps with the UUA’s White Ally Toolkit and the UUA Commission on Institutional Change report (“Widening the Circle of Concern”) on how to overcome the influence of America’s white supremacy in our religious tradition, ourselves and our world.

Contact Pastor Jack for Zoom Meeting Invitations