UUSP Board Update


Please join us in thanking UUSP Board President Steve Benton and Vice-President Susan Burnore for their past year of service as your board officers. Both will remain on the board as at-large members. Steve and Susan served graciously, joyously and generously, devoting an enormous amount of time and energy to advance the work of our growing congregation. We also thank “retiring” board members Morgan Gresham (past president), Sabine von Aulock and Tom Archibald for their many years of service on the board, leaving their mark with significant impacts on buildings and grounds, religious education, and communication. Although “retiring,” they will continue to be active in our community. We also thank Tammy Boudreax for her third term of continued service!

At the June 11 board meeting, the board elected incoming board president Michael Killoren and vice-president Cynthia Patterson – and welcomed new board members Karen Ann White (former clerk), Cynthia Patterson (returning to the board after a respite), and Dave Mapp, appointed to fill a one-year term vacated by Tom Archibald. We also thank and welcome Treasurer Paul Craig and Assistant Treasurer Harry Saurs for another term.

Zoom Meeting Recording