What To Expect On Sundays

Before Service: Discussion Group

Before the service each Sunday, a handful of folks get together at 9:30am to casually discuss an issue or topic of some relevance to the UU Church and its mission. A subject is introduced, discussion begins, and the topic promptly meanders into a variety of ideas and viewpoints. It's stimulating, it's interesting, and it's a lot of fun!


At 10:30am, everyone assembles in the Sanctuary for the service. The course, or order, of the service follows a relatively traditional liberal Protestant pattern, not too dissimilar in sequence from an Order of Matins or a Mass - but with a significantly different message. We listen, we learn, we empathize, we think, we sing, and ultimately, we grow. We come as we are - no need for "Sunday best" - and we leave just a little more enlightened and a little closer to our community, our world, and one another.

Fellowship & Friendship

Following the service, everyone files into the fellowship hall - you'll come to know it as "Gilmour" - for coffee, conversation, and light snacks. Members and friends take this opportunity to catch up with one another on the goings-on of the previous week. Visitors will find themselves warmly greeted, welcomed into conversations, and probably even invited out to a group lunch!

Ultimately, the best way to learn what happens here on Sunday is to come and see for yourself! We welcome any and everyone, and we're confident that you'll find a spiritual and intellectual home here.

We'll See You This Sunday!