Upcoming Worship Services

Rev. Jack Donovan's picture
Sunday, September 15, 2019: "CAN WE MEND OUR WAYS FOR COMMON CAUSE?"
Time: 10:30am
Speaker: Rev. Jack Donovan

Worship Associate: Margie Davis

How did Hamlet get life wrong, Anne Frank get life right, and Vincent Van Gogh reveal the crux?  

Steve Benton's picture
Sunday, September 29, 2019: "Celebrate Rev. Jack, Our Roots, and UUSP!"
Time: 10:30am
Speaker: Steve Benton
Worship Associate: Susan Burnore

It's time to celebrate!  It's Rev. Jack's 5th anniversary at UUSP, and we celebrate his ministry and all the good things we've accomplished and enjoyed over those years.  AND we recognize and celebrate the Our Roots members - those current members who have been here for five years or longer.  They're the reason we've been successful and lasted all these years.

Don't miss the special Pot Luck Lunch after the service!


Susan Burnore's picture
Sunday, October 20, 2019: "Animals Bless Us"
Time: 10:30am
Speaker: Susan Burnore

Bring your pets (or maybe just their picture?) and celebrate the role all kinds of animals play in our lives - our pets, animals on the farm, and those in the wild.