SINCE THE DEVIL CAN ALSO WRITE SCRIPTURE...: Meeting Spiritual Temptation in Our Political Wilderness

Sunday, July 28, 2019

Time: 9:30am
Speaker: Rev. Jack Donovan

Worship Associate:  Sarah Craig

Scholars of history, political science, and sociology have made the case that our U.S. Declaration of Independence, our Constitution's Preamble, and President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address honorably highlight our most valued American beliefs about how we can achieve both safety and opportunity for happiness for all.  These documents have been called The American Testament, the scriptures by which we are pledged to guide our communal life as Americans. 

So, to paraphrase the great American poet, Unitarian Walt Whitman, Why are safety and opportunity yet unfound for so many of us?  Why are we more and more seeing troubles all around?  Could it be that the devil has also written  scripture, and its preachers are pitching us all?  Earth to Earthkind!  We've got a problem.

Here, at the Unitarian Universalist Church of St. Petersburg - an organic free-range church - what can we do to Make Earth Great Again?  It's a MEGA opportunity, as well as challenge, for homo sapiens (and maybe cetacean sapiens).  



Reflections of Reverend Donovan

Reflections of Reverend Donovan