BEING OFF KILTER: Did Something Influence Our Source from the Beginning?

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Time: 10:30am
Speaker: Rev. Jack Donovan

Worship Associate: Patti Hanks

We are approaching Yom Kippur, the conclusion of Judaism's High Holy Days (September 18) with which the Jewish New Year begins.  Also we are approaching the anniversary (September 17) of the establishment of the U.S. Constitution with its goal of forming "a more perfect Union."  

In the spirit of those great traditions and our own tradition of seeking growth in understanding of life and in caring for it, this Sunday's theme continues with exploration of our potentials and what forces besides our Source might have influenced them from the beginning and may continue to do so, for better or worse.



Reverend Donovan's Sermon

Reverend Donovan's Sermon