Our Journeys

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Time: 10:30am
Guest Speakers: Linda Paul, Bill Motter

Worship Associates:  Molly Brown and Beate Hughes Brown

This Sunday’s is another in our popular “Journeys” series.  Two members will share their own Journeys - how did they come to be where they are right now?   These services have two main purposes - to let us get to know one another better, and to offer inspiration on one another’s stories.   This week we will hear from long- time UU Linda Paul and from Bill Motter, who is new to both our congregation and to Unitarian Universalism.  

This service will be a bit briefer and less formal since our children and youth will be in the service.  Join us for a a tribute to Auld Lang Syne and a “cup of kindness” afterward.