Taizé Service

Friday, April 22, 2011

Time: 7:59pm
Speaker: Mike Nashleanas

This is the third year that we will go inward in the style of Taize. It has been our tradition to hold this service on a day our Christian friends call Good Friday. As in the past, our service starts at sunset, 7:59 PM.

Taize services are characterized by quiet, reflection, meditative music, readings and candles. This year's service will recall Voices That Should Not Be Forgotten. Members and friends will share brief stories from their lives that continue to resonate even though they may have come from their young children, their aging grandparents, a teacher, a friend or a lover. These message-gifts rang loudly when first heard and are valuable enough to be repeated now and for times to come. Most of the stories will be read by the person who first heard them.

We encourage you to join "The Telling" by calling Mike Nashleanas at 631.334.3710 and offer him your story.

Here's an example. One of our choir members recalls hearing a loud "thump" in his bathroom when he was a young father. He opened up the bathroom door only to find his four year old son sprawled out on the floor. "What happened?" he asked. His son said, "I jumped off the toilet. I guess I can't fly yet."

Come join us. Tell your story or just reflect on the stories of others. And in any case, quiet yourself.

In gratitude,

Mike Nashleanas