Is UU St. Pete For Me?

What are you looking for?

Are you eager to find a church that acts locally and thinks globally on the great issues of our time? Are you looking for a community of seekers who respect the differences between people and affirms every person as an individual of inherent worth, no matter their race, age, ability, gender, or whom they love?

What do you need?

Is it a way to live that makes a difference? We believe that life is meaningful when you spend it on something larger than your own. Everyone has something to give that can make a difference in the world. Is it a place to grow spiritually? We view spiritual life as a journey, not a destination.

Want to explore your religious questions in a welcoming community?

For over 100 years the Unitarian Universalist Church of St. Petersburg has supported each member in his or her personal religious journey. We don’t tell you what you must believe. We don't ask you to check your mind at the door. Instead we invite you to join in a conversation about the meaning of life, love, and service. At UUSP we encourage you to ask the big questions of life. What do my life and death mean? How do I live with integrity? How can I love well? What gifts of service can I bring to help make a difference in the world?

Ours is a free faith, a liberal religion. Unitarian Universalism is a religion of shared values rather than shared beliefs -- a religion where members have committed themselves to a common quest rather than a common doctrine. We have a vision of liberal religion that views every person as unique, with unique gifts that define their ministry to the world. Our religious community exists, then, not to defend doctrine or save souls, but to proclaim this vision to the wider world and help those who join to discover, nourish, and share those gifts.

Together we explore humanity's wisdom traditions -- not only from Christian and Jewish sources but also from the world's religions, from nature, from science, and from modern thought. We come together to help raise wise and compassionate children, to support each other in our spiritual journey, to heal life's wounds, and celebrate life's triumphs.

Through the inspiring messages and music of worship, the thought-provoking programs of our small group ministry, and the opportunity to serve the larger community through our social justice ministry we will encourage your growth and help you put your beliefs into practice. Together, we’ll make a difference in the world in order to bring dignity, meaning, worth and joy to all our days.

UUSP is here to be the church you can call home. Just let us know when you’re ready.


To contact Rev. Jack, call the church office at (727) 898-3294, or send him an email to