Board Of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for conducting the business of the church, including developing a budget and hiring staff members. The Board meets on the second Thursday of the month at 7:00pm, and occasionally at other times for special meetings. A typical meeting includes a review of the budget, reports from the Minister and the Ministry on Ministry, and discussion and votes on issues such as policies and procedures or major expenditures. All meetings are open to the entire congregation.

The Board is made up of seven members of Unitarian Universalist Church of St. Petersburg. Trustees are elected by the congregation and serve three-year terms. Trustees elect the Board president and vice president annually.


Paul Burnore, President (term expires June 2018)
Laurie Clement, Co-Vice President (term expires June 2019)
Reggie Craig, Member (term expires June 2017)
Jane Fanning, Co-Vice President (term expires June 2017)
Morgan Gresham, Member (term expires June 2017)
Lori Price, Member (term expires June 2019)
Linda Paul, Member (term expires June 2018)

Upcoming Events

Sunday, July 2, 2017

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02/09/2011 BOT Minutes 2011-02-09
01/12/2011 BOT Minutes 2010-01-12
12/08/2010 BOT Minutes 2010-12-08
11/26/2010 Fundraising Policy
11/10/2010 BOT Minutes 2010-11-10
10/06/2010 BOT Minutes 2010-10-06
09/13/2010 Account Reimbursement Policy
09/08/2010 BOT Minutes 2010-09-08
08/11/2010 BOT Minutes 2010-08-11
07/15/2010 Church Bylaws (Amended 4/18/10)
07/14/2010 BOT Minutes 2010-07-14
06/17/2010 Space use policy
06/17/2010 Guidelines for members' business activities
06/17/2010 Administrative Committee Charter
06/13/2010 BOT Minutes 2010-06-13
06/09/2010 BOT Minutes 2010-06-09
04/14/2010 Contributions policy
02/10/2010 Members business activities policy
12/09/2009 BOT Minutes 2009-12-09
08/12/2009 UU St. Pete Organizational Chart
08/12/2009 Guidelines For Board Meetings
07/08/2009 Financial Procedures
05/13/2009 Safe Congregation Policy
02/11/2009 Discretionary Funds Guidelines
03/24/2008 Church Policies
09/29/2007 Proposal To Establish Program Council
08/19/2007 Email Guidelines
01/22/2006 Church Bylaws