UU St. Pete InfoNet: Town Hall Meeting June 3

UUSP Town Hall Meeting on Expenditure for Social Justice

Sunday, June 3, 2018 - 11:45am

UUSP TOWN HALL MEETING, June 3:  A UUSP Town Hall Meeting will be held after the service on June 3 to provide input to the UUSP Board of Trustees.

The question to be addressed is: From the $240,000 proceeds of the sale of UUSP’s Lot #1, shall UUSP tithe $25,000 in order that Celebrate Outreach can build St. Pete’s first Tiny House for Homeless Veterans?  This is a request from UUSP’s Social Justice Committee (SJC) which the full Board, plus UUSP’s two ministers, unanimously favored at the May 10 Board meeting.  UUSP’s SJC has long supported and helped lead Celebrate Outreach in its advocacy for ending homelessness and hunger.  The SJC’s hope, endorsed by the Board, was the building of the first Tiny House will inspire support for greatly expanding construction of such life-saving-and-empowering homes.  This allocation of funds to social justice is in keeping with goals discussed by the congregation in voting for the sale of Lot #1.  It is also on the UUSP priorities list that has been developed over the past six months.  But the Board members agreed that specific congregational input was essential before the Board makes a final vote.

Your attendance at the Town Meeting would be greatly appreciated.