UU St. Pete InfoNet: Renew - Restore - Rejuvenate Revised

Renew - Restore - Rejuvenate

Considerable planning, small group discussions, and congregational meetings and town halls have helped chart our course for making changes to improve our UUSP church building.  These improvements will take place over a ten to fifteen year period and we are excited to get started. 

  • We support this funding as a congregation who has aspirations for a more welcoming and functional facility for our members and newcomers;
  • We support this funding as a congregation who trusts that the planning process is conducted with integrity and transparency;
  • We support this funding as a congregation who understands that we need to work together to move forward and have faith in and respect for the decision-making of the Board of Trustees and Design and Planning Team of the Building and Grounds Committee.


Projects approved to date by the Board of Trustees include:

  • Landscape Renovation—total estimated cost $20,000
  • Narthex and Bell Tower Entrance Renovations—total estimated cost $4,800


Funds are currently being raised from members who are able and willing to support this special project funding with a gift in addition to their annual pledge. 


For more information on the currently approved projects, please contact Sharon Winters  swinters@tampabay.rr.com


If you would like to consider a gift to the renovation projects, please contact a member of the Renew•Restore•Rejuvenate Giving Team:

Michael Killoren  mkillorendc@gmail.com

Cynthia Patterson  cp3860@gmail.com

Carol Ulmer  carolulmer5@gmail.com


To make a contribution, click on the link for Designation Form.  3D Designation Form

For more information on the Landscape Renovation, click on the link for Design Intent for Landscape Renovation.  Design Intent Landscape Renovation