UU St. Pete InfoNet: Parking Lot Update


Good news for the holidays! Yesterday, December 11, the sale of Parcel 1 to WJA finally closed and the funds were transferred to UUSP. It took all of us 16 months of discussions, Town Hall meetings, FAQs, a Straw Vote, negotiations, and a congregational vote on September 17. Thank you all for participating so thoroughly. We finally made it.


On Sunday, December 10, the Board met to approve the final documents as negotiated. The Board Negotiation Team (Linda Paul, Lori Price, and Paul Burnore), the Advisory Team (Sabine von Aulock and Howard Taylor), and UUSP Attorney Chuck Hinton, have been editing and revising documents, and negotiating with WJA for the past twelve weeks. The Board's vote on the final documents was: 5 approvals, 0 disapprovals, and 2 abstentions.


Even though Parcel 1 is now owned by WJA, they will let UUSP continue to use it as we have been until ground is broken for construction, which is estimated to be in late summer. UUSP parking in Parcels 2 & 3 will continue as usual and will be shared with WJA during weekday business hours of 8 am to 6 pm, as per our agreement  On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, however, UUSP will have 15 reserved spaces all day for church activities. Evenings and weekends will be for UUSP parking only, along with four neighboring parking lots.


Construction of UUSP’s new parking lot on Parcels 2 & 3, including resurfacing, new lighting, and landscaping, is estimated to begin in the summer, but possibly sooner. We will assemble a small UUSP team to work with WJA on the design and materials used for our environmental friendly parking lot.


Paul Burnore
President, Board of Trustees