UU St. Pete InfoNet: Parking Lot Straw Poll Vote Results

Parking Lot Straw Poll Results

The UUSP Board of Trustees (BOT) has been grappling with the question of whether to sell Lot 1 to Wannemacher Jensen Architects (WJA) and retain Lots 2 and 3, and providing shared parking with the firm. In July of this year the BOT began a Straw Poll process with the goal of obtaining input from as many members as possible, allowing across the board understanding of support, opposition or ambivalence to the proposal. Ballots were distributed and Google bulletin boards established to enable virtual discussion.


In summary:

63 total responses were collected in response to the Straw Poll questions

  • 55 members responded YES
  • 6   members responded NO
  • 2   members needed more information


Comments in favor generally expressed:

  • gratitude of a perceived open process by the BOT
  • desire to attend to physical space improvements vs. retaining an unused asset (Lot 1)
  • satisfying UUSP stewardship responsibility for providing safe and accessible grounds


Comments in opposition to the proposal generally expressed:

  • unhappiness with the process (by laws are too restrictive in their disallowing absentee ballots, lack of clarity regarding the language of the final vote and lack of flexibility in creating a contract beneficial to UUSP's interests)
  • desire to retain an unimproved green space
  • tying UUSP's "hands" with a perpetual deed restriction preventing any use other than parking on Lots 2 and 3


Through conversations, questions and fact finding, much more information has amassed. The BOT has added all new findings to the FAQ posted on the UUSP website. The initial proposal has evolved into one where the parking improvement will incorporate pervious surface, making it more environmentally friendly.


What remains is the vote on September 17,2017, which will determine whether UUSP proceeds to formulate a contract with WJA. The energy that individuals have put into obtaining and disseminating information has been hugely helpful in preparing our community for this weighty decision. Thank you all for your participation. Let us stay in covenant and continue the momentum in caring for our physical space, whether or not we decide to sell our real estate.  


Sabine Von Aulock and Linda Paul on behalf of the UUSP Board of Trustees