UU St. Pete InfoNet: Our Next Keep St. Pete Lit Salon - November 20

Insects and Our Imagination Salon

November 20, 7:30-9:00pm at  The Universalist Unitarian Church of St. Petersburg in Gilmour Hall

[It] was dead and upside down when it materialized… a soul so static and intense, so immortally arranged, I felt, while I lay shell-like in our bed, turned inside out, driving my mind away, it was the same as the dark soul of the world itself. — William H Gass


Let’s talk about how we as Floridians and language enthusiasts live with the insect world.


How can their beauty and our anxiety create a personal evolution?


•    a lyrical presentation by Stephen Lindow
•    insights on local insects 
•    writing exercises that show your deeper connection with insects in your life
•    excerpts from William H Gass’ "Order of Insects" 


$10 suggested donation for the presenters.


If you have questions, please contact Sabrina Dalla Valle at winternight.18@gmail.com .

Contact: Rev. Jack Donovan