UU St. Pete InfoNet: October 3, 2017 - After the Las Vegas Massacre

In Times of Trouble

Hello, Church Members,

Just a reminder in the face of sad news from Las Vegas - that we are a support team for one another, for our families and friends, and for whatever part of our world we can reach.  As Jack often quotes from an old friend, No matter what, you can always work on building circles of decency.  Circles of decency expand, because they are open and are beneficially contagious.  If you are feeling anxiety over the random, but rare, threats of violent people, the best antidote we know is to talk to a friend – and you have many in our congregation, even if you don’t know all their names.  So call us or pick a name from our directory and say, “Can we talk?”  That is the center point for drawing the circle of decency.  Our covenant, which we live by, says that we “help one another.” And so we will.

Pastor Jack & Paul Burnore


Contacts: Rev. Jack Donovan, Paul Burnore