UU St. Pete InfoNet: Movie Discussion Group November 16

UUSP Movie Discussion Group - Friday November 16: CRASH

The first get together of our new UUSP Movie Discussion Group is planned for Friday, November 16 at 6:30pm in Gilmour Hall. We’ll be watching Crash, a 2005 American film that won the Best Picture Oscar. It was produced, directed, and co-written by Paul Haggis and features an outstanding ensemble cast. The film examines racial and social tensions in Los Angeles where several characters’ stories interweave during two days in Los Angeles.

Roger Ebert says: "Crash" tells interlocking stories of whites, blacks, Latinos, Koreans, Iranians, cops and criminals, the rich and the poor, the powerful and powerless, all defined in one way or another by racism. All are victims of it, and all are guilty it. Sometimes, yes, they rise above it, although it is never that simple. Their negative impulses may be instinctive, their positive impulses may be dangerous, and who knows what the other person is thinking?…Because we care about the characters, the movie is uncanny in its ability to rope us in and get us involved.”

Because this movie interweaves many characters and plots, additional information is attached to help out:  Plot Summary, Characters, Synopsis, Music, and a few Questions for discussion.  Click the link below to review or print it out for Friday.

Crash: Movie Discussion

Everyone is invited to bring their own snacks and beverages. Popcorn will definitely be available for all. The film is 2 hours long. After viewing the film together, we’ll have a short discussion about it. 

Please contact Paul Burnore at plburnore@gmail.com if you plan on joining us.

Contact: Paul Burnore