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Parking Lot Update for September 1, 2017

We are a little more than a week away from our September 10 vote. Parking Lot Central will be open as usual after the Sunday service for questions and your thoughts. 


Our UU pro bono attorney Chuck Hinton is making certain that we strictly follow our UUSP bylaws, that we follow Robert’s Rules of order, and that known legal issues have or will be addressed to get the best possible solution for UUSP. Mr. Hinton is carefully drafting the vote question, which will read something like this:


"Does the Congregation approve the Board of Directors accepting WJA's Letter of Intent, and proceed with formal negotiations to enter into a contract, consistent with the Letter of Intent, for the Church to sell Lot 1 to WJA for development, and have WJA create an appropriate paved parking lot on Lots 2 and 3."


The Letter of Intent (LOI) has been available in our website’s “documents” since June 11.  The LOI is not a contract, is non-binding, and a general offer with details to be negotiated.

Here’s the link to the LOI:  Letter of Intent 6/7/2017


The new news is that Reggie and Paul went to the City compliance office and met with Elizabeth Abernethy and Corey Malyszka with a number of questions. Laurie Clement investigated alternatives to asphalt paving with Carlos Frey of the city environmental department and Jason Jensen. We learned about additional options for treating our parking lot. Here’s a summary of what we learned:

Preferable options to asphalt paving are permeable block or pavers.  Permeable pavers with bio swale would be a much more attractive and environmentally sensitive way to go.  Also they do not require a vault retention system.  They actually will drain the surface better than our grass and gravel lot does now.


Environmentally friendly ground drainage is required for Parcels 2 & 3 if a building is built on Parcel 1. This requirement would apply to the WJA offer, which they have offered to provide to UUSP for free. 

Parking will be allowed on the current grass lots after April 2, 2019 if the lots are brought up to code, meaning: perimeter hedge, shade trees along the sides, wheel stops and handicapped spaces. Paving is not required.

Paving of less than 3,000 SF does not require expensive environmental drainage. 3,000 SF would be 1/7 of the total 21,000 SF area. Two required handicap spaces are exempt from being included in the 3,000 SF area. Paving over 3,000 sq. ft. must be designed to handle storm water by a civil engineer, which is standard procedure. Permeable pavers are the best option.


The Board has provided an additional Pro and Con regarding urban-redevelopment: 

Pro: Infill development (filling in gaps on a street's frontage with shops, offices, and residences) attracts more people, increases the appeal, safety and vitality of the neighborhood, reduces pressure for urban sprawl, and reduces the need for transportation, water/sewer, and police.

Con: It reduces the opportunity to establish and maintain a natural landscape with its benefits for air and water quality, wildlife habitat, and personal rejuvenation.


Please see our newly updated FAQs and Pros/Cons Documents.  Clickable links are noted below and they are out on the website under the Get Involved tab, then Documents.

Frequently Asked Questions v8

Parking Lot Pros/Cons v3


The Board of Trustees


Contacts: Paul Burnore, Laurie Clement, Reggie Craig, Morgan Gresham, Lori Price, Sabine von Aulock