UU St. Pete InfoNet: January 20, 2017

This Sunday's Worship Services

Sunday, January 22, 2017: "SALVATION THROUGH DUTY OR LIBERATION? Can You Learn the Morality of How Best to Live from Hinduism and Buddhism?"
Time: 10:30am
Speaker: Jack Donovan
Worship Leader: Beate Hughes-Brown

A faith system is composed of beliefs about Reality (or, Being), Morality A (or, Behaving), and Authority (or, Believing) that gude our choices for making life its best possible.  What do the Vedic religions of Hinduism and Buddhism offer to help increase our understanding about Morality?  Given Reality, does it matter how you live?  What is the best way?

UU's Helping People Pancake Breakfast

Sunday, January 22, 2017 - 11:30am

UU's Helping People will be hosting a pancake breakfast (with gluten free, eggs and fruit options) AFTER the service, January 22.

Proceeds will benefit their Friday Night Picnic for People in Need ministry. Individuals/$4 and families/$10 or simply enjoy a plate of 'cakes on us.

Contact: Sabine von Aulock


UU T-Shirt Sales and Reminder

Several people picked up shirts last Sunday and didn't have their check or $12.00 on hand to pay.

Please bring your check (payable to: UU St. Pete) or $12.00 cash this week.  If you are bringing cash, please put it in an envelope with your name and note T-shirt on it for us.  If you are bring a check, please note T-shirt in the memo area.

We only have 2 shirts left to Sell!

Contact: Beate Hughes-Brown


2016 Tax Statements are Now Available

The congregation's 2016 Tax Statements are available every Sunday. Tee Taylor and Casilia Smith will be in the narthex (little lobby area by the front door) before service and up in the stage area after service. Donations to the church are tax deductible. So everybody who has donated can pick up their confidential, sealed envelope that lists all the money they have donated to the church during 2016.

Contact: Tee Taylor


Announcements From Pastor Jack

WEDNESDAY RELIGIOUS STUDIES DISCUSSIONS:  “Comparing Beliefs” with the world’s myths as discussed in Joseph Campbell’s The Power of Myth. For January 25, Chapter 1, pp 1-19. As always, discussion quotes will be provided. Rev. Jack   


UUSP MEDITATION RETREAT: Saturday, January 28, 9am-12noon. Come get away from yourself and get in the flow for the new year - resolutions are no good without awareness and strength of spirit. Sitting and walking meditation – instructions and snacks provided. Sign-up sheet on the piano in the social hall or contact Pastor Jack for more info.


“ART AND SPIRITUALITY”: Open discussion Wednesday February 1, 1:30pm, at the Florida CraftArt Gallery (501 Central Ave.) while the monks work on the sacred Peace mandala. Co-facilitated by Rev. Jack and Maureen McDole, Poet & Founder of Keep St. Pete Lit(erate).


UUSP HOSTS A WELCOME TO AMERICA POTLUCK DINNER for eight Tibetan Buddhist monks conducting a Sacred Art tour of the U.S. Join us Saturday, February 4, 6:00 pm in our Gilmour Social Hall – Presentation by the monks to follow dinner. During the day from Tuesday, January 31 to Sunday, February 5, the monks will be creating a sacred Peace Sand Mandala at the Florida CraftArts gallery at 501 Central Avenue, St Pete. Visit the monks during the week (chanting at 10am and 5pm) and please bring a dish to share on Saturday, February 4! Thanks, Pastor Jack


INQUIRING MINDS (AND SPIRITS) – A TWO SESSION INTRODUCTION TO UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISM & THE UU CHURCH OF ST PETE, February 12 and February 19 - 12 from noon to 1:30pm -- for people curious about joining UUSP or just curious. Light lunch provided. Please sign up on the sign-up sheet in the social hall at the Visitors Table. Thanks! 

Contact: Jack Donovan


Obama Thank You Party

Friday, January 20, 2017 - 7:30pm

In 2008, America elected its first minority president. This was a historic moment for social justice and UUs everywhere. Let’s celebrate with videos, Biden memes, pictures with Barack, great music, excellent conversation, snacks and various beverages (wine and beer included) together. Invite your friends and family.

The entire ticket fee goes toward the roof repairs. Food, entertainment and drinks included.

$20 at the door.  Please RSVP, to any of those noted in the contacts so we have enough food otherwise you'll be eating Pizza Hut.

Hosts: Keevy McAlavy, Marcile Powers, Courtney and Melissa Allen, Sabine Von Aulock and Jeri Huempfner-Gatz

Contacts: Sabine von Aulock, Marcile Powers, Keevy McAlavy, Jeri Huempfner-Gatz


Women's March for Social Justice -- Join Us

Can't make the Women's March in Washington? Come march with UU St Pete Members and Friends.

Join us downtown at Demen's Landing at 12 noon on Saturday, January 21 at the Women's March for Social Justice in St. Petersburg. Men are invited, too. Wear your UU St Pete Tshirts and gather in front of the Marina Office -- so we can walk together behind our Church's banner. Marina Office is on your right just past the gated sailing club.

Also stop by UU St Pete's Social Justice Committee table -- which will share information about the many outreach and advocacy projects that our Church is involved in. 

Contact: Lise Beane


RE Roof Repairs - Final Fund Raising Report

Congratulations for your solid support! We had a big challenge of raising $16,441 to take care of the leaking roof and windows upstairs in Conway Hall.  We have collected a total of $19,030, which is nearly $2,600 more than our goal!  A total of 25 members donated $16,530, and our Just the Ticket Fund Raisers added $2,500 more. (We can gratefully use the extra funds to make needed electrical, plumbing, and termite repairs.) This is a big success for our church and our RE program, and it’s demonstrated the exceptional “Can Do” spirit of this congregation. Thank you to all who donated funds and who are participating in the many fund raisers, which will be going on into March.

Paul Burnore
President, Board of Trustees

Contact: Paul Burnore


Parking Lot Roundtable Discussions: January 22, 29 & February 5

We’d like to hear your voicePlease join us at our roundtable discussions after the Sunday Service on January 22, 29, and February 5. We’d like to collect your feedback, questions, and ideas regarding what we should do about our parking lot. We’ll have fact sheets, history of the parking lot, options, and a list of pros and cons which you are invited to add to. A board member will be seated at each table to facilitate the discussion and answer questions. Our parking lot is an important congregational issue, which will have a large impact in both the near and long term.  We hope that you will join us for at least one roundtable (30 minutes!), or more, so that we can hear your voice.

Paul Burnore
President, Board of Trustees

Contact: Paul Burnore


Thank You All

Thank you for your generous response to my request for baby items for Twizere and Mariam's new son and household items for Rucia's new apartment. All of my requests have been amply filled. You are are such a caring community. Also a special thanks to Sue and Roy Price who gave Santa their older washer and dryer, and to Tim Flaherty who helped them move and install the appliances.  

I am quite excited about our next project which is to provide tutoring to Mahoro and Gilbert under the direction of their teachers at North Shore Elementary. Four of us have agreed to be volunteers -- we began our tutoring last week with Mahoro. If you are intrested -- please let me know. Learning to speak and read English is critical to classroom success.  

Contact: Karen Coale



David Roth Concert



Saturday, January 21, 2017 - 7:00pm

Save the date Saturday, January 21 at 7:30pm for David Roth in concert at UU St. Pete. David is a wonderful folksinger and songwriter focusing on peace, love and social justice and is well known in UU circles. The concert will help us celebrate our 102nd year as a beacon of social justice in St Pete. Come one and all. Love offerings will be gratefully accepted.

Contact: Laurie Clement


TIBETAN MONKS AT UU ST PETE - Potluck and Presentation

Saturday, February 4, 2017 - 12:00am

UUSP has the honor of hosting eight Tibetan Buddhist monks at a dinner on Saturday evening, February 4, in our social hall.  The evening will start with a potluck dinner at 6:00pm, followed by a presentation by the monks. Please be part of our welcome of this extraordinary group. 

The monks (usually in residence with the Dalai Lama, exiled in India) are conducting a Sacred Art Tour, with St. Pete as one of their stops. Their primary activities in St. Pete will be creating a sacred Peace sand mandala at the Florida CraftArts Gallery at 501 Central Avenue, plus daily chanting at 10am and 5pm.

The focus of the presentation at UUSP has yet to be decided - possibly one of the tradition's sacred dances, possibly a talk on Tibetan Buddhist tradition and practice (with perhaps a note or two about how the community is maintaining the tradition and practice in exile).