UU St. Pete InfoNet: Important Request from our Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees Parking Lot Poll

August 14, 2017

RE:  Proposed offer from Wannemacher Jensen Architects (WJA) regarding the sale of Parcel 1 and retention of Parcel 2 & 3


Dear Fellow Member of UUSP:

We are coming to the close of a year-long process involving assessing scenarios, gathering and disseminating information, and introspection. The ultimate question is 'what is best for our religious community?'

In an effort to achieve maximum participation of our members and for all to have an understanding where members stand on this issue, we have developed a straw poll asking 3 basic questions:


1) Shall UU St. Pete enter into an agreement with WJA in which:

  • WJA would buy UU St. Pete’s Parcel 1 for $240,000
  • WJA would oversee and pay an estimated $180,000 to pave, light, landscape and meet environmental compliance for UU St. Pete’s Parcels 2 and 3
  • UU St. Pete would have 35 parking spaces, 15 of which would be shared with WJA Monday-Friday during work hours (8:00am-5:00pm)
  • WJA would make special arrangements to accommodate UU St. Pete’s need for special-event parking during regular work hours.

2) Do you believe you have enough information to make a decision?


3) What contributed to your decision?


In order to have the benefit of your input, we are using multiple means of communication. If you are comfortable emailing your responses, please forward this email, with your responses typed in for 1), 2) and 3) above, to sabinevaulock@gmail.com by August 31, 2017. Please be sure to include your name so that we can track responses accurately. We also have a variety of ways to gain additional information:


UUSP Website: We have posted all the information regarding this proposal at UUStpete.org. Click "Join the Parking Lot Discussions From Anywhere" to find the FAQ, map and online discussion forum.


A quick link to our Pros and Cons document is below. 

Parking Lot Pros/Cons 7/27/2017


PHONE: If you would like to speak to a Board member about your questions/concerns, please reach out to:

Linda Elem: 727-637-3970

Reggie Craig: 727-631-1031


Skype: On Sunday, August 20, we will host a round table for Q & A with Board members available to talk to you via Skype.


There will be a congregational vote Sunday, September 10th, 2017. Our Bylaws require that members be present in order to vote. We hope you will be able to join in this important decision. If you are unable to attend, we hope you will use this opportunity to weigh in on the questions. Please know that we are committed to maintaining confidentiality. We will not share your name but will retain it for tallying purposes


Thank you for your consideration. It is an honor to work with such thoughtful, committed individuals from whom I learn every day.


In faith,


Paul Burnore, Laurie Clement, Reggie Craig, Morgan Gresham, Lori Price, Linda Paul and Sabine von Aulock