UU St. Pete InfoNet: April 19, 2019

This Sunday's Worship Services

Sunday, April 21, 2019: "SHAPING YOUR CREATIVITY: What Do You Make of That?"
Time: 10:30am
Speaker: Rev. Jack Donovan

Worship Associate: Patti Hanks

Flower Communion: Pluck a blossom or a few and bring them with you to service.

With Passover, Easter, and Earth Day in mind, we say we want to find truth and meaning, grow spiritually, and build interconnected communities of peace, liberty, and justice for all.  Seems like a  new creation.   Are you up for it?  And should you be?  Are you up to it?  And can you be?  When you are enough, can you be more? 

God granted an inquiring rabbi to know the difference between heaven and hell.  In hell, people holding capacious long-handled cups were circled around a magnificent cauldron of delicious food - but they were in agony from hunger.  In heaven - the same setting, but all were happy.  What was the difference?



Announcements From Pastor Jack

FLOWER COMMUNION AT THIS SUNDAY MORNING’S EASTER SERVICE, whether you knew to bring flowers or not!

The traditional Unitarian Flower Communion is to commemorate the Flower Communion ceremony established in 1923 by Rev. Dr. Norbert Capek at the Unitarian Church in Prague, Czechoslovakia, and brought to the U.S. just prior to World War II by his wife, Rev. Maja Capek.  UU congregations everywhere continue the tradition - partly to celebrate Spring, partly to celebrate Easter, partly to symbolize resistance to Nazi-type attacks on the principle of the worth and dignity of every person.   With an expectation of lots of flowers to be gathered at our entry doors, we’ll redistribute the blossoms as we recess at the close of the service, for you to carry home - a lovely way to share faith, hope, and love, and the continual resurrection of humility, courage, and caring in the human heart.  Pastor Jack


NEXT WEDNESDAY RELIGIOUS STUDIES DISCUSSIONS ON “MINDFULNESS MEDITATION PRACTICE”, April 24 – session four of five - 10am or 7pm, your choice.   Topics:  Session #1) Why Meditate; #2) How to Meditate; #3 & 4) Bringing It into Your Life (Work, Relationship, Self-Care), #5) Deepening Your Practice.  15 loan copies of the guidebook are now circulating (“Getting Started with Mindfulness” published by Mindful Magazine and Mindful.org).  All welcome.


NO THURSDAY CITIZENS CAFE THIS COMING THURSDAY April 25.  Next CafĂ©, Thursday May 2, 12 noon. Come with your lunch (BYO), drink coffee or tea (provided), and chat about life's issues (BYO).  Pastor Jack


NEXT UP-COMING WEDNESDAY RELIGIOUS STUDIES (10:00am and 7:00pm):  “21 Lessons for the 21st Century – the Summary”.  Five sessions (likely start date May 15) on historian Yuval Noah Harari’s overview of humankind’s greatest contemporary challenges.  Our text will be The Summary, published in 80 pages, available on Amazon (as is the full 318 page edition).


UUs HELPING UUs:   Need help or know a UUSPer who might?  Please notify Sue Price,  UUSP Care Committee chair: sueprice63@gmail.com; 727-290-9910.


UUSP SERMONS (printed or audio) are available on UUSP's website:   Go to www.uustpete.org, click the Spirituality tab, click Worship Services and Sermons. Scroll down the services and you will see"Sermons and Readings." For audio recordings, click on a Sunday Service and look for the sound icon   audio

For screen shots of examples, click the link:  Worship Service Online Enhancements


Contact: Rev. Jack Donovan



UUSP Annual Meeting Packet

Your Packet for our Annual Meeting is available for UUSP members. The annual meeting will take place on Sunday, 28 April 2019, immediately after service.

The Packet for the meeting is being sent via email today, ten days before the meeting as prescribed in our bylaws. The packet contains the UUSP NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING and everything you need to know before attending the Annual Meeting. This includes annual reports from all committees, the minister, the president, and church officers. For voting purposes, it also includes the Nominating Committee’s slate of Trustees and Officers that will be elected, three proposed amendments to our bylaws, and our 2019-20 budget.

Please take some time to review these reports and the information that will be voted on. Our bylaws require a quorum of 20% of our membership as of 60 days before the annual meeting. All votes will be decided by simple majority. 

Please plan on attending this meeting and exercising our fifth UU principle: The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large.

And please come prepared by reading through this packet. It’s a great example of the energy and growth of our congregation.

Click on the link below for the Annual Meeting Packet:

UUSP Annual Meeting Packet for April 28, 2019

Thank you!

Contact: Morgan Gresham



Annual Giving Pledge Budget Vote

All members pledge annually during the Annual Giving Campaign for the upcoming fiscal year beginning July 1, 2019. Based on those pledges, the Finance Team develops and recommends a budget on how to allocate revenues, 80% of which are promised contributions from members and friends, to cover a variety of annual expenses.


As has been pointed out, UUSP does not:

  • Pay our minister a fair salary—only about 60% of what is fair.
  • Pay its full-share dues to the UUA—over $10,000.
  • Have sufficient funds to cover routine and scheduled maintenance--$30,000 added annually to a reserve.


What will be different this year? Many members have increased their pledges and we thank you. But based on total pledges to date of just over $181,000, we are still operating in survival mode.


If you have not yet pledged, now is the time.

If you have pledged, consider increasing your pledge by 10 to 15%, or more if you are able.


The UUSP Annual Meeting is Sunday, April 28. At that meeting, all members who have maintained their current-year pledge are eligible to vote. One of the most important votes is approving the budget—approving how our funds will be spent.


It is up to you to Show UpPledge, Budget, Vote!



In faith and appreciation,


The Annual Giving Team

Courtney Allen
Patti Hanks
Michael Killoren
Linda Paul
Carol Ulmer

Contact: Carol Ulmer




The Face of Immigration Today

Sunday, May 19:  4:30 - 7:00pm

Temple Beth El
400 Pasadena Ave South
St. Petersburg, FL 33707

Part of the Leif Nissen Social Justice Lecture Series

Born in England, Author/journalist Sasha Abramsky studied at Balliol College, Oxford, and at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City. Currently living in Sacramento, he teaches in the U.C. Davis writing program, while also a fellow at the NYC-based Demos think tank. Sasha's latest book, Jumping at Shadows, is a searing account of America's most dangerous epidemic: irrational fear. The book takes readers on a dramatic journey through a divided nation, where issues such as immigration, gun control and health care have become fodder for fearmongers and conspiracists. The book lays out today's political and cultural landscape and our misconceptions about risk and threats.


Check out the Flyer with more information:  Shasha Abramsky - Face of Immigration Today



Contact: Karen Coale




Mothers Day Brunch

Sunday, May 12 after Service

Suggested Donation: $5 single, $15 for family

Tickets available now, just reach out to Geneva, Susan T. , Sabine, or Reggie

Benefits UUHP’s Direct Outreach Programs

Contacts: Geneva Nelson, Sabine von Aulock, Reggie Craig





Upcoming Inquirers Classes

As Pastor Jack says, “If you think we’d be good for you, or you’d be good for us” please join us at our next 2-part Inquirers Classes and learn about our Unitarian Universalist religious community. Classes will take place after Sunday service from noon to 1:30 on May 19 and June 2 in Conway Hall Middle Room. Contact Patti Hanks at pthanks1@gmail.com or sign up at the Welcome Table during coffee hour.

Contact: Patti Hanks