InfoNet Special: Shelter During Hurricane Irma


Hurricane Irma is expected to go through Tampa Bay Sunday and Monday. Please check weather information for the latest information.

We have two alternatives for UUSP members and their families needing refuge or shelter during Irma:

(1) As you know, we plan to open our church as a refuge to members and their families.

(2) Also, some of our members who live in safe zones have already offered to take members in need of shelter into their homes.

If you are a member in a non-evacuation zone and are willing to offer refuge to others, please contact Rev. Jack Donovan or Paul Burnore.

If you and your family are in need of a refuge or shelter during Hurricane Irma, whether in our church or possibly at another member’s house, please contact Rev. Jack Donovan and/or Paul Burnore. Tell us if you prefer using the church or would like to go to another member’s house if available. Make sure to bring your valuable documents, medications, water, food, and other normal day-to-day supplies you need.

Also let us know if you need assistance or transportation -- we will try to accommodate.

Paul Burnore 678-521-7891
Rev. Jack Donovan 352-327-6166

Helping one another is the part of our covenant I value the most. It is twice blessed, both to those giving and those receiving what is most needed.

Paul Burnore, Board President
Rev. Jack Donovan, Minister