Pastor's Weekly Wonder - May 8, 2020

Dear Friends, 

Happy Mother’s Day!  May this Sunday mark the beginning of a new era, when every mother feels lighter and more at ease with new hope for her children’s future.  As this past Thursday’s meditation from Julia Ward Howe pleaded, may a newly awakened era realize the blessings of “charity, mercy and patience” in every heart.

On Easter Sunday just past, the Tampa Bay Times gave us a lovely “Perspectives” section, offering thoughts - from area clergy, philosophers past and present, and local “thoughtful writers”- on responding to the pandemic.   From the twelve clergy, reliance was mainly put on traditional faith and practice, with the resonant reminders for me being to care for the marginalized and, like Mary Magdalene at the Easter tomb, to respond with hope in the midst of despair.  Thank you, clergy.

The seven philosophers’ advice ranged from “stagger on” to live the virtues (wisdom, courage, moderation, and justice – oddly, compassion was not included unless you presume that compassion is the heart of wisdom).  But my simple favorite was, “foster the spirit of social connection and cooperation – nothing could give our lives more meaning.”  Thank you, philosophers.

I think our nine local “thoughtful thinkers” as a whole were for me the most on point and helpful.  They suggested: 1) Imagine (and plan and soon work for) the balance and beauty in nature; 2) Hope - believe that what you do matters, even though the future outcomes are unknown; 3) Remember historical and family stories of resilience – let anecdotes be antidotes;  4) Re-learn to cherish the elemental things of nature; 5) Learn how to be anxious in the right way, the empowering way.  Thank you, local thoughtful writers.

Each of these is probably worth a sermon.  But lucky you – my COVID-19 mini-sermon schedule is already filled.  But wait till next year!

See you soon on Zoom, I hope.  Stay caring.  Stay in touch.  Blessings for the week,


Posted on May 8, 2020, at 5:12pm