FAST Update: May 2020

This week, the Pinellas County Commission Approved the Pinellas CARES financial assistance program. This program provides up to $4000 per individual for relief with past due rent and utility payments. There are certain guidelines, such as not having liquid assets of more than $4000 and you must be below 200% of the federal poverty level for income (around $50,000 for a family of four). There is $135 million total available for this program and it is only open through June 1st. They also approved a $35 million program for small business grants. Information on the individual assistance program can be found HERE and information on the small business grants can be found HERE


The county is unclear how long the money will last so people should apply soon! We've heard from some who have accessed the program already that the county might be flexible on some of the application requirements, so we encourage anyone who needs help to apply regardless of whether or not they meet all the qualifications. To access the program, residents should call 2-1-1- or text COVIDCARES to 898211.


Thank you,

Pat Fling

Posted on May 3, 2020, at 9:11am