Holiday Shopping: December 8

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Come find Sew Much Hope at coffee hour December 8th! Give a great gift and support local women refugees and create holiday spirit! Sew Much Hope make their bags here at UUSP the second Saturday of each month.


Sew Much Hope Project honors the inherent possibility inside each and every person.  Women who are refugees come to Sew Much Hope Project to learn how to sew and participate in a Co-op--making and selling beautiful, one-of-a-kind origami bags and necklaces. We help women refugees overcome challenges and hardships by providing a safe, community-focused environment where they can learn a new skill and earn supplemental income for their families. For everyone involved in Sew Much Hope Project, we strive to create opportunities for clients and volunteers to learn by crossing barriers that might otherwise prevent us from understanding and caring for each other.


Sew Much Hope Project began in October 2017, due in part to the generous spirit of the Unitarian Universalist Church of St. Petersburg. Thank you so much for believing in our mission and supporting our work by renting your church community facilities to SMHP at a rate that was accessible to our fledgling organization. We are eternally grateful to you, the congregation of UUCSP, and your church representatives.


Thank you, Courtney Erickson


Posted on November 28, 2019, at 10:28am