Will you join us? This Tuesday, November 12, is the next School Board meeting!

At the Annual Assembly on October 28, FAST's Youth Suspensions and Arrests (YSA) Committee reminded us of the importance of Restorative Practices for our schools and the critical need for its proper and complete implementation!

The committee also invited you and your fellow congregation and team members to JOIN US at the next School Board meeting.  That meeting is scheduled for this Tuesday, November 12, at 10am at the School Board Administrative Building (301 4th St SW, Largo, FL 33770).  JOIN US to tell our School Board that Restorative Practices must be implemented completely and with fidelity!  

Will you attend?!  
Please RSVP now to fastyouthcommittee@gmail.com  

School Board meetings start at 10am, but it is not required that you arrive right at the start (unless you want to be present for the entire meeting.)  We are asking that all FAST members arrive by 10:40am.  Most school board meetings run over an hour.  By arriving no later than 10:40am, that gives individuals ample time to sign in with a FAST rep outside the school board room and grab a FAST sticker.  If you are willing or interested in speaking at this meeting, please let us know.  Scripts will be available at the meeting and are also available ahead of time (simply email fastyouthcommittee@gmail.com). FAST speakers will have the opportunity to speak for 3 minutes at the end of the meeting, which is normally in the 11 o'clock hour. 

We will email out additional logistics as the day approaches.  In the meantime, please:
1. MARK YOUR CALENDAR for Tuesday, November 12, at 10am at the School Board Administrative Offices (301 4th St SW, Largo).   If you do plan to speak and will not be there early, please let us know ahead of time so we can have a speaker card filled out for you.
2. Invite your fellow team members to join you!
3. RSVP to fastyouthcommittee@gmail.com

We look forward to standing FAST together with you, in support of proper and complete Restorative Practices implementation in our schools!

 With peace,

Karen Modzelewski
FAST Staff

Posted on November 8, 2019, at 8:56pm