Mingles Comedy Tonight! (And supper, too!)

“Nothing that’s formal, Nothing that’s normal, Something for everyone, A comedy tonight!”

Jean and Denis Calandra will treat their guests to a friendly introduction to improvisation, a key ingredient in happy living.  Through game and drama-based activities, you will make your way to some energy-boosting, heart-lifting short improvisations.  The menu includes meat and vegetarian sliders, couscous, Greek salad, and pies, wine, beer, soft beverages.  

Buy your tickets at the Mingles Table in Gilmour Hall after Sunday service.  It's a fund-raiser and all the money collected goes to the church.

Limited to 18 people          $30 each      (deadline – November 3) 


Contact: Geneva Nelson
Posted on October 28, 2019, at 10:41am