UUSP Religious Studies Discussions

Wednesday, February 26, 2020 - 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Location: Conway Middle Room

UUSP holds two religious studies discussion groups on the same topic every Wednesday, 10:00am and 7:00pm, holidays permitting.  

Our focal point is customarily a book of current interest.  Participants are encouraged to read the book.  But given life's busy pace, reading time may be short.  So quotations from the selected book are provided each week as the focus of discussion.

Book selections are made in hope of helping us deepen our understanding of life and how best to care for it.  They range from the wisdom traditions (eg, religious scripture and commentary) to the scientific (eg, E.O. Wilson's "The Meaning of Human Existence") to the practices (eg, studying Dreamwork with Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" or meditation from literature such as Mindfulness Magazine's booklet on Mindfulness Practice) to studies of the Unitarian Universalist traditions (eg, the introduction to UUism by Church and Buehrens, "A Chosen Faith").

We are starting off in September with Dan Buettner's "The Blue Zones of Happiness:  Lessons from the World's Happiest People" - a research-based examination of the factors in a happy life and happy nation (drawn from international research by National Geographic, the Gallup Poll, and others).

All are welcome to participate.

Contact:  Pastor Jack  - jfdonovan@bellsouth.net


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