Keeping Track—A Message from the Finance Team

To keep our members informed and confirm our records, UU St. Pete will be sending out pledge statements quarterly at the end of each quarter. If you have any questions about your pledge payments, please contact Rebecca Wilson, Financial Secretary, at or drop a note in the plate.


If you have changed your email or mailing address in the past year, please update your information in the online Directory. Go to and log in with your personal user name and password. Click on Directory, Profile, and Edit Profile. Save your changes. Add a photo while you’re at it so we know who you are!


UU St. Pete relies on the contributions of its members. Thank you to all who have contributed to their pledge during 2018-19. Your ongoing support of our congregation shows your commitment and love of our spiritual home.


Rebecca Wilson
Financial Secretary          `

Posted on May 1, 2019, at 3:55pm