Building and Grounds Committee Reports & Annual Report


Committee members and participants: Reggie Craig (Co-Chair), Tom Archibald (Co-Chair), Tom Bray, Laurie Clement, Jim Fitzgerald, Jim Fitzgerald, Ed Klumpp, Sabine von Aulock, Sharon Winters, Randy Nolan, Cal Fox, Paul Burnore, Janet Mills, Ted Elliquist, Robert Alicia, Billy Crider & Gay Breuler.     

We activated two new committees this year under the B&G charter:
                Led by Jim Fitzgerald, the Painting sub-committee is in charge of harmonizing artistic improvements with the historical nature of our facilities.              
                Led by Sharon Winters and Randy Nolan, the Design & Planning sub-committee of the Buildings & Ground (B&G) Committee will receive all potential building & grounds related projects for evaluation (except for minor repair and routine maintenance tasks).  This will include major rehab and new construction projects, significant maintenance issues, building system replacement cycles and projects that will improve functionality of the facilities and that are estimated to cost $1000 or more.  The BOT approved evaluation criteria & a process for prioritizing proposals at their March 2019 meeting.  Evaluation criteria include:

  • Enhancement or change that will allow the church to better fulfill its mission, recruit and retain members and better serve the community.
  • Action needed to address an urgent need and/or safety issue.
  • Increases building usability, accessibility and/or functionality.
  • Strong return on investment with potential to reduce long term costs and/or increase revenue.
  • Long lasting and thorough solution, addressing underlying structural or systems issues as appropriate.

                The criteria and process will be publicized to the congregation later this spring.
                Based on a needs assessment of the congregation and a condition assessment of the facilities, both conducted during the winter of 2018-19, Sharon and Randy identified a list of projects that addressed one or more of the evaluation criteria listed above.  Using the process identified above, they identified a dozen high priority projects.  The project list & justifications were then approved by B&G which forwarded those projects for 2019-21 funding to the Board for consideration and action at their April 11 Board meeting:  three critical capital projects (kitchen remodel, stairwell/lift addition and Little House rehab), one capital project to fund a consulting architect to work with the congregation on a long range master facilities plan, two critical long term building systems projects (sanctuary & Conway AC), and six high visibility/low cost projects which can potentially be funded by individual donors.  They met with the Giving Team on April 8 to discuss donor-funded projects and a mechanism for initiating and sustaining this work.

                The subcommittee met for the first time on April 17; members include Jim Fitzgerald II, Jim Fitzgerald III, Greg Davidson, Jim Sudzinski, Janet Mills, Randy Nolan (co-chair) and  Sharon Winters (co-chair).

Buildings & Grounds:  What was done

A priorities list was received from the congregation and during the year we tried to address all issues listed as “high” based on need and safety considerations.  In addition we worked closely with the facilities planning committee to help develop a new priority list.

The office bathroom in Conway was remodeled into a “ADA compliant” uni-sex bathroom.

Fire rated doors with windows were installed on all rooms on second floor of Conway.

An Architect was hired and plans drawn up for a lift and new stairway to be installed in playground area for the second floor of Conway.  Currently bids are being reviewed for this project. 

The courtyard between Gilmour and Conway was cleaned and refurbished.  Drainage problems were repaired with French drain.  New lighting and furniture were installed.

All fluorescent fixtures on the first floor of Conway were replaced with LED energy efficient lights. 

The ceiling in the office was painted. The second stairwell to Conway was painted. The stairs in the first stairwell were painted. The walls in the library was repaired and painted.  Books and bookshelves were removed. Painting were relocated to the choir loft.

The Arlington gate was repaired and a key pad lock installed allowing exit from the courtyard without a key.

Broken windows on the first floor of Conway were repaired. Entry doors to Gilmour were repaired.

A Fire drill was held.  Fire department inspections of the sancturary were held.  The alarm system and the fire suppression system in the kitchen were inspected and/or repaired.

Mops and Flops worked on a number of cleaning and repair projects

The “old ministers room” was cleaned and hardware move upstairs in Gilmour. Windows were covered so tables inside could not be seen from the street.

The Gimour fireplace was sealed with a permanent cap and safety markings installed.

Wifi service was repaired.  Computers were repaired and replaced. 

The lettering on the sign on the wall across from the office was repaired (2x).  Two new signs were installed in the front of the church. Three new banners were created and installed. No Loitering signs were installed.

Two new bike racks were purchased and installed.

New electrical service was installed to the sound booth.  New lights were installed in front of the church and in courtyard.  Lights were repaired over ramp (2x).

The belltower was secured to prevent children from climbing the ladder

A new path to the little house was obtained.

Motion sensing lights were installed in the bathrooms.

Tree trimming was done on the oaks overhanging the sanctuary.

The kitchen repairs included the butcher block table, repair to the dishwasher (2x) and oven.

Termites were found and treated. Rats were found and treated.  Mosquitoes were found and treated. Ants were found and treated.

Pews were relocated several times.

Problems not yet solved:

Working with facilities planning committee we hope to hire an architect to help solve the congestion problem between Gilmour and Conway halls.  Included in part of this project is development of a plan to remodel the kitchen.  We have been working with contractors used by UU Clearwater on their kitchen construction.

Replacement of the grease trap in the floor of the kitchen is a high priority. Bids have been received for this work, but it is currently on hold while we look at the flow issue described above.  This work has been funded by the Board at $15,000.

The air conditioning system in the sanctuary continues to leak and malfunction.  We have contacted another AC company and hope to effect repairs although this is a major problem. 

Additionally the two AC units for upstairs in Conway will need replacement soon.  B&G has been working closely with the finance committee to establish a reserve fund for these type of repairs.

Preliminary ideas for to open Gilmour doors to Mirror lake and create a patio have been created.  We hope to move forward on this project once the kitchen and stairwell projects are complete.

Many continuing problems such as a crack in one of the rafters and refocusing the lights in the sanctuary remain to be solved.


Please review the online Annual report: 

Posted on April 26, 2019, at 9:24pm