One of Our Congolese Families

Twizere’s family continues to grow — with a soon-to-be added little baby girl — due on April 15. The family arrived in St Pete from a refugee camp in Uganda in December, 2015. UU St Pete began supporting this and two other Congolese families in early 2016.  

This family has made tremendous progress in adapting to their new home — but periodically can use a helping hand. Twizere has a full-time job — but also fills in doing yard work: weeding, planting, mulching, etc. He is very thorough, conscientious and timely. Dave and I have hired him to work several half days for us on Saturday or Sunday — keeping the weeds under control and planting flowers, bushes, etc. If you could use some help in this area — please contact me, and I will gladly link you up. 



Contact: Karen Coale
Posted on March 29, 2019, at 10:22am