Calling All Lovers of UU St. Pete

UU St. Pete Needs Your Pledge Now!



The UUSP Board needs to approve a budget that the congregation will vote on at its annual meeting in April.

The Finance Team needs to present its budget at the Town Hall Meeting on April 7 after the service.

The budget for Fiscal year 2019-20 that starts July 1 depends for 85% of its revenues on pledges by our members and friends.

And you are one of the 85%!


Please be as generous as you can. Consider a contribution of 3 to 5% of your personal annual budgeted expenses. We all need to stretch to support the congregation we love and call our spiritual home.


Your contribution will determine if UU St. Pete can:

  • Pay a market salary to our staff and pastor
  • Increase staff hours to assist our many volunteers
  • Pay our full share of dues to the UUA
  • Establish an adequate reserve of $30,000 to service scheduled maintenance and repair and replacement.


We all are counting on you. Our building is an historic treasure and our congregation is a refuge where we can turn to help us navigate the world. Whether you attend Sunday services, join in meditation, participate in Wednesday discussion groups, serve and cook for the Friday picnic, belong to FAST, or any of the other wonderful activities that we enjoy together, show your financial support by pledging generously to your spiritual home.


Click on the link for a pledge form.

UUSP Financial Commitment Form 2018-2019


Thanks to all who have pledged.


The Annual Giving Team



Contact: Carol Ulmer
Posted on March 27, 2019, at 6:24am