Share the Plate -- with FAST

How do we DO justice? What we know is that we cannot do it alone. What we hope is that we can be stronger and smarter and more powerful with our neighbors. Faith and Action for Strength Together (FAST) is the way we join with neighbors from forty congregations all over Pinellas County to make changes that matter. Changes like almost $100 million in county and city funds for affordable housing, like full day preschool for all our children, like civil citations instead of arrests for juveniles.

YOU can actually DO justice by joining together in TWO important ways, with your money and your presence.

SUNDAY- Contribute generously to the offering. One half of the non-pledge portion of the offering will be invested in FAST to help cover this congregation’s dues for 2019. We have committed $1000; half is covered by the Social Justice budget, and we need to collect the rest. We hope to stretch the SJ budget next year to pay our fair share which is 1% of last year’s operational budget: $2,354.

APRIL 8- Come with us (we need 101 people) to the Nehemiah Action to ask our officials for better restorative practices to transform our schools, affordable housing money NOW, not four years from now and a central facility to address mental health and substance abuse treatment needs. There will be 3000 of our neighbors and community partners there to raise our voices as one. How do we stand? FAST together! 7:00pm at the Tropicana Field. 


Posted on March 22, 2019, at 8:23am