UUSP Movie Discussion Group - NEW!!

Movies, like poetry and music, are rich with themes important to all of us today, but they communicate with us in unique ways. UUSP would like to offer opportunities to explore relevant themes and issues through the art of movies.  The structure would be to select quality movies from different periods, genres, or directors which examine a particular idea or theme. Quotes and questions would be provided after the movies are viewed so that we can each personally think about what the movie says about the ideas and themes. Participants would the come together a week later for discussions (similar to the Wednesday book discussion sessions). Depending on the number of participants, movies could be shown at UUSP, or possibly at someone’s home. Popcorn will of course be provided!


In order to launch the Movie Discussion Group, I’d like to invite another movie buff to help organize and facilitate. I also need to know who is interested in participating. If you’d like to participate or help organize, please let Paul Burnore know at plburnore@gmail.com.

Contact: Paul Burnore
Posted on October 12, 2018, at 12:59pm