Parking Lot Update – August 10, 2018

In an August meeting with WJA, we learned that the parking lot construction has been delayed due to the City’s permitting process.  A clerical error stated that WJA owned all three parcels of the UUSP parking lot, instead of just parcel 1. The error has affected several aspects of the PL project but is being corrected.


WJA estimates that City permitting will be final at the end of October 2018, and that parking lot construction will begin in early November. The first phase of the construction will take four weeks and we will all have improved parking. The last phase of putting down asphalt, striping, etc. will take two weeks and will be done after the construction of the exterior of the new WJA building.  This will take 9-10 months and has an estimated completion date in September or October 2019.


Estimated timeframe:

September 2018 – Pre-Construction Kickoff Meeting for UUSP/WJA to discuss plans, contacts, etc.

End of October 2018 – permitting for PL completed

Early November to December 2018 – PL first phase construction.

December 2018 – improved parking lot completed

January to October 2019 – WJA new building construction

October 2019 – Final surfacing of UUSP PL


From an environmental view, pervious layers will be used for ecologically friendly environment; runoff will remain on site and not into Mirror Lake; piles will be drilled, not pounded; as few trees as possible will be taken down in complying with City code which requires a 10 foot wide sidewalk.


The City surprised us at the May 2nd City Commission Hearing by requiring that the dumpsters in the alley be moved out of the alley and onto UUSP and/or WJA property. The Easement Agreement does not address the placement of dumpsters since there was no requirement to move them at that time. Options that the Board will consider include moving our dumpster to a parking space or a corner of the playground area.


With questions contact Paul Burnore and any Board member.

Contact: Paul Burnore
Posted on August 10, 2018, at 8:15pm