Thank you for your Contribution!

Curious about how to designate your contributions to UUSP?


Any checks made payable to UUSP are allocated to your pledge first if there is nothing indicated in the memo line of the check or specified in a note accompanying the check. If you make a gift in cash included in an envelope with your full name clearly written, it will be allocated to your pledge.


If you wish your contribution to be allocated for another purpose such as Social Justice for Migrants/Immigrants, Fair Trade products, or the UUs Helping People, please clearly indicate the purpose in the memo line of your check or in an accompanying envelope with your full name if you want to receive credit for tax purposes.


When sharing the plate, all cash unless otherwise noted with an accompanying envelope or note is divided equally between a plate contribution and the specified social justice contribution.


If you have any questions, about how to make any special contributions to UUSP, please contact UUSP’s Financial Secretary.


To make payments on your pledge easier, consider setting up an automatic payment with your bank payable monthly to UUSP at the time of month you choose.

Contact: Carol Ulmer
Posted on May 29, 2018, at 3:41pm