Don't Forget!


‚ÄčThe 2018-2019 Pledge Campaign is over and we have 108 pledges totaling over $158,000.  And we're still hoping to hear from about 15 pledgers who could put us over last year's total and make our budget challenge much easier!


A BIG Thank You to everyone who has pledged.  Every pledge is important and appreciated - because it represents generosity and graciousness,.  And every pledge makes UUSP as stronger, more financially secure congregation.


And another BIG Thank You to everyone who worked on the campaign.  I'm afraid to list names because I'm sure I'll miss someone.  But the whole congregation owes its gratitude to the people who worked on so many aspects of fund raising this year:

- the Motown party - entertaining everyone with Motown hits, making and serving dinner‚Äč including those awesome cupcakes(!), decorating to set the mood, running the raffle, contributing prizes, tending the Temptations Bar, and dancing the night away 

- Very Merry Spring events - hosting 11 separate events in your members' home or at the Shuffleboard courts, offering delicious meals, mixing great drinks, setting up games, making sure everyone had a great time and got to know one another just a little better

- The Pledge Campaign - And So It Goes...Unless! - preparing brochures, printing letters, stuffing envelopes, tracking pledges, the Price Is Right Skit, bagged lunches, decorations, handing out packets and gifts = giving everyone a chance to learn about UUSP and show  their support


Thank you!!!!

Posted on April 20, 2018, at 6:56pm