New Financial Secretary and Assistant Financial Secretary

Casilia Smith, who has been our Financial Secretary (FS) for the past seven months, is stepping down due to health issues, effective February 9. Many thanks to Casilia for her attention to detail and accuracy, and for serving UUSP so well.  


Barbara Archibald, who is currently Assistant Financial Secretary (AFS), has agreed to step into the FS role, effective February 9, for the duration of this fiscal year.  Prior to retirement, Barbara practiced law in California and the U. S. Virgin Islands, and became a member of the UUSP community a year ago, along with her husband Tom. 


To assist Barbara, Carol Ulmer has agreed to step into the AFS role effective February 19.  Carol is a new member of UUSP who worked in corporate banking most of her career. As a UU in Summit since 2004, she served as Chair of the Finance Committee, Secretary of the Board, and attended three General Assemblies. She and her husband Ken Degen moved to St. Petersburg last August.


Paul Burnore, President

Posted on February 9, 2018, at 7:48pm