Monthly Social Justice Planning Meeting

Location: Front Office

Leaders of this congregation's Social Justice projects meet monthly to organize and coordinate our Church's participation in projects that support:

  • American Promise -- a national effort to reduce the size of political contributions from individuals and eliminate all contributions from foreign entities. 
  • FAST -- a Pinellas County-wide interdenominational effort addressing affordable housing, juvenile justice and youth concerns.
  • Farm worker and immigrant families -- entails advocacy for Fair Food practices in the fields and just immigration laws, and supporting two Congolese families adapt to their new homes in St Pete.  
  • Coffee and Chocolate -- sale of fair trade products produced by indigenous farmers.
  • UUs Helping Others -- providing food and temporary housing for the need, and advocating for affordable housing.

If you have an additional social justice project that you would like to introduce to our congregation -- bring your ideas and plans to this meeting. We welcome your ideas and encourage your involvement.


Posted on November 27, 2017, at 12:43pm