UUSP Celebrates Day of the Dead (Los Muertos de Dia)

“The flowers are for dead people to walk on and be happy,” explains Farah, 7 year old daughter of members Paulina and Andree Medina. She beams with pride showing off the colorful altar and large Catrina decorated by her school friends and their mothers under the vision and guidance of Paulina and UUSP Worship Committee. “We don’t mourn the dead," says Paulina, "We celebrate them with fun.” 

Informational signs explained the tradition of filling altars with favorite foods, photos, activities and mementos of the deceased. A tall fashionable Catrina stood in the corner. “She reminds us it doesn’t matter if you are wealthy or poor, well dressed or in rags,” says Paulina. “We all die and are equal in the end.” Church members were treated to homemade tamales, beans, Pan de Muerto (bread) and hot chocolate served by Kevin, Paulina, Andree and his mother Alejandra Monroy visiting from Queterero, MX. 

Church service highlights included a rousing choral number, “It Takes a Village” conducted by Nic Filzen, accompanied by Teresa Abcata, plus Pastor Jack sharing his mic as members acknowledged those deceased and missed.

Posted on November 8, 2017, at 11:45am