FAST and UUSP Participation Update

FAST (Faith and Action for Strength Together) held its Annual Assembly Meeting last Monday evening (October 23). About seven hundred people from over 40 congregations gathered at Holy Family Church from all parts of the county. Most importantly, 18 UUSP members attended, and UUSP was officially recognized as a FAST Member.  At this meeting, the Assembly decided to continue working on increasing affordable housing and legislation for statewide civil citations for school age children rather than arresting them.  The new issue for this year will be a broader look at youth issues, and this was overwhelmingly approved. If you want to be active on one of these issues, you may want to join one of the three research committees (one for each issue). These committees will form on November 13. So if you want to know more, just reach out to Karen Day (540-357-5657) or Dave Coale (727-898-8038) before then. 

 At the very least, please mark your Calendar for the evening of April 30 for FAST Rally at Tropicana Field when FAST elected and appointed officials for specific steps to move forward on all three issues. 

Contacts: Dave Coale, Karen Day
Posted on October 26, 2017, at 3:23pm