Surviving Irmageddon…the potluck that blew us together !!

It wasn’t your usual potluck, featuring “Eye of the storm deviled eggs,” the "Nach-o House, Irma" serving warm and tasty nachos, a strong winded Seabreeze Punch and a sheet cake with a hurricane design which would make meteorologists proud. Under the watchful eye of Captain Susan Burnore, a team of “can do” stormtroopers turned Gilmour Hall into a site of celebration.  One hundred grateful survivors joining together at long tables festooned in confetti swirls and live saver mints after the October 1 Sunday Service.

Thanks to the Stormtrooper Team of Tamera Boudreau, Karen Bedigian, Gay Breuler, Sue Price, Kevin Wamboldt, Virginia Fox, Cal Fox, Patti Hanks, Sarah Craig, Julie Newcomb, and especially Wild Geneva Nelson, who had the idea to begin with!  

Posted on October 3, 2017, at 12:24pm