Straw Vote for the Entire Congregation

We need the input from all members of our congregation on the offer by Wannemacher Jensen to buy Parcel 1 of our parking lot. This includes snowbirds and members who are out of town. Even though our bylaws only permit members who are present on September 10 to vote on this offer, we will be collecting everyone’s viewpoint and straw vote beforehand. Everyone should participate, whether in person at church, by email, by telephone, or by snail mail.  All board members are willing to discuss this matter with members by telephone at a time mutually agreeable.


Straw votes must be received by August 30, when we’ll tally up the votes and the reasons for the votes, and publish for everyone to see (without names).  With our bylaws limiting voting to those present only, this is a way to make everyone’s opinions visible, which may influence those who are undecided. 


Click the link below to reach the Straw Vote document, you can print it out and get it back to the church.  There is a Word version on our UUSP website under Get Involved, then Document.


Straw Vote Document PDF


Thank you for your participation!

Your Board of Trustees:
Paul Burnore, President; Morgan Gresham, Vice President; Reggie Craig; Sabine von Aulock; Linda Paul; Laurie Clement; Lori Price; 


Posted on August 11, 2017, at 9:33pm