Welcome Medina Family

Welcome…Bienvenidos new UUSP members Pau, Andree and Farah Medina!

Born and raised in Mexico, Pau and Andree moved their family from Queretaro (near Mexico City) to St. Petersburg in 2015 to learn and experience the American culture, become fluent in English and grow together as a family and as individuals. Family has always been extremely important to Pau and Andree. “You can’t have healthy relationships with others if you don’t have it in your own family,” Pau says. Homeschooling six-year-old Farah gives Pau and Andree a chance to be involved and provide a holistic approach to Farah’s education.  

Andree’s construction company serves client investors building and remodeling houses, with the intention of selling or “flipping.” A martial arts black belt competitor in Mexico, Andree continues to practice here, as well as Japanese Jujitsu, Ninpo and other spiritual and physical arts and extreme sports. “After my accident in which I could have lost my life, I have become a sort of “God Warrior,” teaching and sharing my deep beliefs in the greater power." 

Creative and passionate about her Mexican culture, arts and health, Pau graduated with a college degree in Travel and Hospitality Management and is in the import/export retail business bringing top quality Mexican arts, crafts and products to the U.S. Her future plan is to open a retail store, as well as build her practice as a certified practitioner in Biomagnetic therapy, which is now being introduced into the U.S. An alternative medicine, Biomagnetic therapy aims to rebalance the body’s PH by fixing illness or dysfunction from parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungus. “We’re excited to find UUSP,” says Andree and Pau. "It feels very comfortable to us. Sunday is one morning Farah gets up quickly and can’t wait to get to church!” Watching her new friends interacting with Farah, there is no doubt they are very happy she’s arrived!

Written by Virginia Fox, Membership Committee


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Posted on August 4, 2017, at 5:04pm