2017 - 2018 Pledgers - Please Check!!

The 2017-2018 Pledge Campaign has gathered 98 pledges so far, for a total of over $152,000!  Thank you to everyone for making this a successful campaign to fund a strong budget.

Please check the list below and notify campaign chair Susan Burnore at susanburnore@gmail.com if there is an error, or if you would like to make or change a pledge. We apologize in advance for any omissions. Our record keeping is trying to catch up with your generosity!


Pledges recorded as of April 18, 2017:

Joanna Aldrich

Courtney and Melissa Allen

Mimi Anzel

Tom and Barbara Archibald

James and Marilyn Barber

Joan Barclay

Jan Jee Bean

Lise Beane

Karen Bedigian

Delores Benjamin

Steven and Sherry Benton

Mary Berglund

Betty Bernhart

Alan Bond

Tamera Boudreau

Andy Bragg

Gay Breuler and Billy Crider

Beate Brown

Trish Burch and Gerald Finch

Paul and Susan Burnore

Valerie and Cadoret

Sally Carville

John Clement

Lawrason Clement

Karen and Dave Coale

Amanda Conklin

Paul and Sarah Craig

Reggie Craig and Karen Frank

Emily Davis

Carmina Day

Karen Day

McCabe Coolidge

Kelli DeGraw

Katie Deits

Sula Donnolo

Penny Duff

Peter Elem and Linda Paul

Kent and Jane Fanning

Danielle Fassett

Betsy Filz

Janeya and Nic Filzen

Jim Fitzgerald

Michael Fitzgerald

Tim Flaherty

Peggy Flatley

Sharon and Powell Foster

Brenda Freedland

Iain Goddard

Morgan Gresham and Michael Pohl

Michael Guitard

Annie Hall

Patti Hanks

Ellen Hays and Eliot Wessler

Jennifer Hostetler

Syd Jibrael

Heather Jones

Anne Justiss

Joanne Kellner

Teresa Kelly

Rush Khan

Mzza Kindy

Dwight Lawton

Mark and Cheryl MacNeill

Fred and Linda Mangelsdorf

Gloria Marvin

Keevy McAlavy

Jill McCracken

Shirley McGuire

Bud Murphy

Gary Nakarado

Geneva Nelson

Julie and Toby Newcomb

Catherine Norris and Michael Verdon

Ian O’Hara

Jill Oldenski

Cynthia Patterson

Bill Powell

Lori Price

Sue Price

Anna Prince

Bob Riddle

Deb Robinson

Barbara Rowell

Robb Sanborn

Dani Skrzypek

Casilia Smith

Darren and Wini Stowe

Sophia Sustaita

Howard and Tee Taylor

Bill and Julie Veazey

Sabine von Aulock and Jeri Huempfner-Gatz

Bill and Sally Wallace

Kevin Wamboldt

Jesse Whitewolf

Diane Williams

Rebecca Wilson

Audre Zieres

Jane Zurflieh

Contact: Susan Burnore
Group: Membership
Posted on April 19, 2017, at 11:34am