Update on Parking Lot: Wannemacher Jensen Architects New Proposal

BoT Review, April 13, 2017


Our neighbors, Wannemacher Jensen Architects (WJA), have withdrawn their previous proposal to buy our parking lot. In its place they’ve sent a new proposal which tries to address the main concerns of our congregation:  (1) retaining property ownership for parking, (2) selling price, (3) weekday parking, and (4) city compliance for paving our parking lot.


In short, WJA says that since our parking lot is comprised of three parcels, they propose to purchase only one parcel, leaving UUSP ownership of the other two, with 37 parking spaces. The parcel they propose to buy is alongside their building on Mirror Lake Drive, where there are currently only a couple parking spaces. Scott Seaman appraised the whole parking lot (parcels 1, 2, & 3) at $690,000 highest and best. Parcel 1 by itself is appraised at $240,000 highest and best. Please see attached graphic.


  • WJA proposal allows UUSP to retain property ownership of parcels 2 & 3 with 37 reconfigured parking spaces, the same as now.
  • WJA proposes to buy only parcel 1 along Mirror Lake Drive, where there are only a couple UUSP parking spaces currently, for $240,000, which is the highest and best appraised value.
  • WJA would expand their office space and build a retail coffee shop on lot 1 in accordance with zoning ordinances and St Pete Historical Preservation guidelines, making our part of our neighborhood more attractive.
  • WJA has also offered to pay half of the construction cost for new paved parking on UUSP’s parcels 2 & 3, which stretches from 2nd Avenue to the alley, in exchange for a parking easement for shared UUSP/WJA usage during business hours. This would save UUSP approximately $57,000.
  • WJA would have use of the aisle on Lot 2 to access WJA parking spaces
  • Parking during business hours in WJA’s current lot is for 5 cars maximum. Parking during business hours in UUSP’s current lot averages 8-14 cars. The proposed shared parking would have 37 spaces, the same as now, and easily accommodate the combined 13-19 spaces now used.


  • UUSP continues to own the property with parcels 2 & 3 with 37 parking spaces,.
  • UUSP gains $240,000 (highest and best appraisal) for lot 1.
  • UUSP saves $57,000 (half the paving cost) for paving UUSP parking lots 2 & 3.  UUSP would only pay half of the paving cost of our own parking lot.
  • UUSP would be in compliance with the City’s paving requirement, which expires in 2017. 
  • Improves safety and attractiveness.
  • Mirror Lake neighborhood would be improved, which adds to UUSP’s attractiveness and property value.
  • Additional funds for social justice programs.
  • Additional funds for RE safety (elevator) and program growth.
  • Additional funds for B&G improvements (kitchen, sound system, Conway upstairs, roof).
  • Additional funds for Endowment.


Please contact Paul Burnore with questions.

Contact: Paul Burnore
Posted on April 18, 2017, at 6:42pm