Fight HB 697 in the Florida House of Representatives

This bill, "Rule of Law Adherence Act," targets “Sanctuary Cities.” HB697 would require state and local governments and universities to comply with federal immigration laws and would impose stiff penalties of $5,000 for each day they are deemed to be out of compliance. Specifically it would require:

  • complying with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention requests
  • repealing sanctuary policies
  • providing information about immigration violations to state authorities.  

This bill is NOW in the House Judiciary Committee. Please contact the Judiciary Committee Leadership, and local representative Ben Diamond who is on this committee.  State that:

  • you oppose HB697
  • a bill requiring adherence to federal law is redundant
  • there is no accompanying budget to pay for enforcement 


BEN DIAMOND                    (D) DISTRICT 68    ST  PETERSBURG

Thank YOU!

Contact: Karen Coale
Posted on March 31, 2017, at 7:33am