Friday Picnic in the Playground

Location: Playground

For the last five years, UUSP, in partnership with the Quakers and Food Not Bombs, has held a Friday evening "Picnic in the Playground" to provide a good meal for the homeless and working poor in our community


The Friday night picnic has been successfully restructured to align more closely with the original model as it was presented and approved by the board when originally organized, 5 years ago.

Over the years the picnic had evolved to a point where the church’s resources were stretched beyond its ability to sustain it.

As we restructured the picnic we kept some objectives in mind; serve meals prepared at home by volunteers, offer a varied nourishing meal, streamline ticket distribution and use earth friendly products.

We are happy to report we are doing well in all these areas.

The atmosphere is joyful and comments of gratitude are expressed by volunteers and many of those we serve. If you haven’t had a chance to participate in this valuable outreach / community builder, we invite you to share a great experience with us; here are some of the ways you may wish to contribute:

  • Show up with a prepared dish and help serve, we start at 6 and finish by 7 ( a signup sheet is @ )
  • Prepare a dish and drop it off, call Reggie @ 727-327-2191 or Dani @ 727-488-3601 to make arrangements
  • Help with clean up or set up
  • Help supply sustainable plates, cups and napkins

We look forward to continued success, with our interfaith partners, serving the hungry in our community.

Posted on September 17, 2014, at 8:27pm